Car run faster, it must have a strong power. Currently the car power system can be roughly divided into three categories: natural intake system, turbocharger and supercharger system. In Europe the car, in addition to BMW still insist on using the naturally aspirated engine, all other car companies in order to enhance the dynamic performance of the vehicle, have the booster, such as Mercedes-Benz using a mechanical supercharger, turbo Saab is the ancestor . Japan in recent years in the application of turbocharging technology, can be said to be leaps and bounds, but Honda still stick with naturally aspirated engines. While most American cars use the naturally aspirated engine, but its OHV OHV engine fiesta mk6 lowering springs kits has considerable differences with the general overhead camshaft design. Natural air intake system is not installed any form of supercharger, just use the vacuum generated by the piston down to suck air into the mix. Although the natural intake system timing system can be greater horsepower output via variable valve timing, but it is limited in power lifting. American cars are the usual OHV OHV engine, its biggest feature is that the engine can achieve greater power output than the same displacement DOHC (double overhead camshaft). In order to effectively increase the output power of the engine fiesta lowering springs kits, the supercharger can be said that the most effective way. Promote the use of exhaust gas turbocharger turbine blades, can greatly enhance the power, even in the thin air of the region can provide sufficient air to maintain the normal operation of the engine. Supercharged car in Europe and must be more common. Supercharger is driven by the rotation of the crankshaft to the turbocharger, the air forcibly into the cylinder. Because it is driven by the crankshaft, supercharger supercharged continuous operation, and therefore it will not be like turbo turbo vw golf mk5 lowering springs lag phenomenon. Although the mechanical supercharger can only enhance the power output of about 20%, also not as violent turbocharged, supercharged but smooth and continuous process, not a turbocharged engine can be compared.